Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easy Low Carb Recipe That is Delicious and Healthy

By Jessica Tanady 
Even though eating bread is often frowned upon when you are on a low carb diet, there are exceptions to this rule of thumb. The key is to get your hands on some easy low carb recipes, as well as low carb bread recipes. If you have these at your disposal, then those delicious buns, delectable muffins, lip smacking bagels, and scrumptious pancakes, are guaranteed a place in your tummy as part of your low carb diet.

One easy low carb bread recipe is the applesauce muffins, which should be a hit among desperate bread aficionados who have been deprived of their favorite staple. Once you have all the necessary ingredients, and there's quite a lot of it, making it will be an easy and simple process.

For the dry ingredients, you will need 3/4 cup of soy protein isolate, 1/4 cup of wheat gluten flour and ground flax seed, 1/4 cup of oat flour, a teaspoon of baking powder, two teaspoons of cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon of cloves and nutmeg, 1 cup of Splenda, and 1/4 teaspoon of sat, and 1/4 cup of brown Sugar Twin.

Whereas for the dry ingredients, prepare 4 beaten eggs, a teaspoon of vanilla, 3/4 cup of light olive oil, a cup of pure apple sauce - preferably the unsweetened one, and 2-3 drops of apple oil. If you decide to treat yourself even more, you can also prepare the topping using one tablespoon of rolled oats, one tablespoon of oat flour, a teaspoon of brown Sugar Twin, and some cinnamon.

What you need to do is mix the wet ingredients together and the dry ingredients together in separate containers. After that, mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. The end result should be a bowl of nicely blended ingredients that are not overly mixed. You can then pour them into sprayed muffin tins and decorate with the topping - should you choose to have it, and proceed to bake the muffins at 350ºF for 30 minutes.

If you crave for some variety, you can change this easy low carb recipe to pumpkin spice muffins. Leave out the applesauce and apple oil and use 15 oz. canned pumpkin instead.

There you have it, a worry-free and easy low carb bread recipe that you can bake at the leisure of your own kitchen and eat without having your guilty conscience knocking at your front door.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Low Carb Diet Menus and How to Stay on Track When Eating Out

The many temptations you face while doing a diet can come from so many sources. Even though internally you have toughened up and vowed to resist giving in, sometimes external sources can somehow lower you guard down. Such is the case when you're being invited to eat out with your good friends even though you're doing a low carb diet. You are now faced with the question of how you can still stay on track eating low carb diet menus.

Eating out means facing the possibility of ruining your diet by eating whatever unhealthy foods they serve on the restaurant. However, you might want to put your concerns to rest, as most restaurants now do offer low carb diet menus for those health-conscious people. They sometimes even taste as good as the ordinary menu. This ultimately means you can still enjoy tasty yet healthy foods and the company of your friends.

If somehow the restaurant doesn't have any low carb diet menus, it's not all doom and gloom. In many restaurants, you can actually ask the cook to alter the serving of the food to comply with your diet. Let's say you see chicken sandwich on the menu. Instead of frying the chicken, you can ask for it to be baked instead. If it's normally served with bread, you can ask for one without. Another example is, instead of having your meal comes with baked potato as the side dish, opt for veggies instead. These examples are just to show you that you can still eat low carb diet menus, even if they don't specifically provide any.

It's commendable to always take your diet seriously, but it doesn't mean you have to take all the fun out from the process. Go out and have a good time with your friends and eat out once in a while. You can always call the restaurant in advance to know whether they serve low carb diet menus or not.

If you follow the tips given above, you have no worries of not sticking to your low carb diet menu, even when you're out and about. Dieting isn't meant to stop you from having a life and a good time with your friends. You've made the choice to follow a diet and that's good, but it'd be even better if you aim to have a healthy lifestyle instead. That way, wherever you are, you take the responsibility of eating healthily and make smart choices when it comes to foods. By having this mindset, the result of your weight loss attempt will be a permanent one, instead of short term.

Jessica Tanady loves to write articles since 4 years ago, both offline and online. While she's keen on topics of beauty, fitness and weight loss, she has demonstrated her writing skills on a wide array of topics. Visit her latest articles on prequalify mortgage which reviews and discuss about bad credit mortgage credit lenders.