Sunday, September 5, 2010

Planning Your Low Carb Menus

When you are new to a low carbohydrate diet it is very important to make your own low carb menus. Creating your own menus will help you reach your weight loss goal or any goal you choose when starting your new diet.

Most people never reach their weight loss goal. To have a goal and plan is the key to success when you want to loose weight. If you put your goal and plan to pen with a paper, your chance of success highly increases. Writing down your goals and plans also help you stay focused. Planning your meals is a very important part of your weight loss plan.

Before starting to plan your meals, write down your goals on paper. If you had a magic lamp with a jinn inside that could fulfill any desire, how much would you weigh? Let that be your main goal, rather than choosing something less desirable because it is easier to achieve. Also write down ten partial goals such as:

Goal 1: Weight less than 200 pounds
Goal 2: Loosing 5 pounds by December 1st
Goal 3: Fit into my new coat

Now that you have written down your goals, you are ready to start planning your low carb menus. I recommend collecting recipes that you like in your own database, document or cookbook. Go to the library or bookshop and look for recipes in low carb books. Search google for low carb blogs or forums where people meet and share their recipes and meal plans. Browse online recipe sites. When you have collected enough recipes you start composing your menus.

It does not have to be complicated. I generally eat omelette for breakfast every day, chicken salad with avocado or leftovers for lunch and homemade low carbohydrate bread for my evening meal. For dinner I use a variety of recipes I have found online or in my cookbooks. Good luck with planning your low carb menus!

Lena Hanson is the creator of Low carb She has been living a low carbohydrate lifestyle since the end of 2005 and have lost 70 pounds.

Visit her site for more low carb recipes, menus and information to help you loose weight.