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Low Carb Cookbook Review - 15-Minute Low-Carb Recipes by Dana Carpender

Busy, busy, busy. Today's schedules and fast paced, multi-tasking lifestyles make it difficult for most of us to find the time needed to prepare and serve balanced, nutritious and tasty meals. I am no exception. Since I tend to be a problem-solver by nature, I decided to gather a collection of quick, fast and easy low-carb recipes so I could save time in the kitchen but still stick to my low-carb lifestyle.

I expected it would take quite awhile to get enough recipes together to make a difference. However, thanks to Dana Carpender's newest low-carb cookbook my collection has grown overnight!

15-Minute Low-Carb Recipes by Dana Carpender (Fair Winds Press, 2003) gave my collection a huge boost. From the introduction, I found that the entire purpose of this book is to provide a cookbook filled with recipes that take a maximum of 15 minutes to make-and that includes prep time. Sound intriguing? I thought so, too.

This 253-page compendium offers more than just microwave or "tear open a protein bar" meals. These recipes were all timed and each was considered for health, feasibility and appropriateness to the book's theme. Dana's introduction explains her reasons, her processes, and offers detailed hints, tips and tricks to cut down prep time.

To give you an overview of the contents, there are thirteen chapters divided by food type, such as "15-Minute Eggs," "15-Minute Tortilla Tricks," "15-Minute Main Dish Salads," "15-Minute Skillet Suppers," and
Chapter 12, "15-Minute Condiments, Sauces, Dressings, and Seasonings," which has my favorite homemade sugar-free ketchup recipe. Of course, I cannot forget to mention the last chapter, "15-Minute Desserts."

Written in an easy to follow, relaxed style, this book feels like an old friend for those of us who have come to know Dana's work from her 2002 cookbook, the very popular 500 Low-Carb Recipes. If you are not familiar with her previous book, I think you will be pleased with her comfortable, confidant style and helpful insights.

There seems to be recipes to suit most everyone, from low-carb soups to high-protein nuts. I especially appreciate that the recipes have short instructions, are very fast to read-and they are easy to make. A few I have tried and enjoyed include, "Houbyfest Eggs," "Blintzlets," "Parmesan Chicken Breasts," "Sour Cream Ham Supper," and "Cheater's Chowder." And, I am wrapping "Cinnamon Splenda® Nuts" in red plastic wrap tied with a thin velvet ribbon for Valentine's Day mini gifts. (I will wait until next month to tell the recipients the gift was sugar-free!)

15-Minute Low-Carb Recipes by Dana Carpender is available through book retailers on and offline. Get more information on Dana Carpender, her books, projects and e-mail newsletter on her Web site at holdthetoast.com.
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